Wind Chasers

February 2 / 2017




Aaron contacted us back in the fall of 2006 from British Columbia. He sent us some pictures and some information about his turbine adventure. He told us that he had taken one of Hugh Piggott's courses and that it was a fabulous experience! We asked if he could send us more information so that we could include his story on our "Turbine Adventures" page and here it is!

Connie and Craig,  you asked for some additional info, so here it is.

            My only paid magazine subscription is for Homepower (see I read it for years even before I lived off grid. It turns out I grew up on the east coast with one of the editors. He had both moved to the Seattle Area years before. Turns out we both live on islands, and we both live off the grid. My friend is really into windmills, he has 3 of them up right now, one 1 of them on top of a pole at the top of a tree.

            Anyway my friend Ian (I guess I can use his first name) is also part of Solar Energy International ( and they run a number of workshops all over the world.  Ian is a great organizer of these SEI courses in Washington, and one of the courses was building windmills with Hugh Piggott ( who I had heard of several times. I was originally intrigued by Hughís brake drum windmill book, and knew it was going to be a good course.  I took the course, loved it, meet some incredible people and had a great time.  If there was any doubt before the course, there was none after it.  Windmills are for me.   BTW, Hugh will be in Washington state for a couple of courses this Apr/May ( ) and I can highly recommend any course taught by Hugh.

            There is one other group of people who I have to give credit to, and that the Danís at OtherPower ( The Danís are a real inspiration.  They made me realize that Wind power generation does not require the precision most people think it does.

            The Danís sell magnets as a business ( and host an INCREDIBLE discussion board (    

            Personally I thought that the blade carving would take the longest time, so I started these first.  The First blade took me one whole day. I was a little slow carving my first blad. On my second day, I managed to carve 2 more blades and on my 3rd day I completed my 4th blade (I used best 3 out of 4). 

            It took me a couple of months to get the bearing and frame welded up. What took the longest however was the Windmill Tower. My tower is a scavenged radio tower, it was not my first choice but it was a very good deal. It took me over a year to get the footing with anchors in and then to raise the tower was another big deal. But luckily a done deal.

            Iíve attached some additional pictures, let me know if there are any problems.


Aaron's stator fresh out of the mould!

Magnets almost ready to go.

Magnet disc's out of the mould.

Assembling the stator. Looks great!

More stator pictures.
Magnet disc ready for assembly!
A good look at the tail boom assembly. Good job!
Putting everything up. Love BC shaped tail!
Up and flying!