Wind Chasers

February 2 / 2017



Alan came to see us about a year ago about building a turbine. Alan, along with a few other people, own a farm Near Cameron Ontario, called Russet House Farm. Their hope is that the farm will become a place of learning for people who are interested in helping the environment and who would like to learn how to live a little simpler lifestyle. Already, they have hosted many workshops and seminars on sustainable living. For more information on this exciting farm, go to our links page and check it out!

One of the couples who are a part of Russet House Farm reside there year round, off grid. They had a very modest system of a few solar panels and a very tiny wind turbine that ultimately flew apart during a wind storm! They were glad to see it go, since it had never performed up to their expectations anyway. But they then were faced with either buying another turbine or looking for an alternative solution to fit their energy needs. That's when Alan came across our web site and decided to contact us.

Well, a year later and a lot of gas spent coming here as often as he could, and Russet House Farm finally has a new, home built turbine that should last them for a very long time and provide them with lot's of power! They have decided to wait till spring to put their new turbine up, so hopefully, we will have some great pictures to add to this story at a later date!


Here Alan begins his explanation of how this unit works to a very receptive audience of several visitors to the farm.

Several dogs also enjoyed the day, running and playing. They didn't seem to get the whole turbine thing, but they didn't care!

One of the visitors helps Alan put the tail on the turbine and.

Alan demonstrating the furling action of the tail.

More tail explanations to the very enthusiastic onlookers!

Alan explained the strength of the magnets and everyone had a turn at trying to get them apart just to show them how strong they are!