Wind Chasers

February 2 / 2017



And so it begins !  

July 1, 2009, after much preparation, the fun begins! We should be in great shape by the time we are finished if we survive!


Just think. Only about 999 to go!


Jeff, our intrepid news reporter, decided to give it a try so that he could write about it from personal experience! Funny, after two tires, Jeff decided that it was much easier to just take pictures! Hmm.



Making sure everything is lined up and level.


Row # 2 on the front wall. Moving right along!




At last, extra help! Thanks Paul!

Paul brought some friends with him as well as some canine support just in case!

Craig showing John how to keep the tires level.

John getting into it while Cylus supervises from a reclining position!