Wind Chasers

February 2 / 2017



Charlie's Turbine

A few month's ago, we had some people tell us about a turbine that we should check out in Kintore, Ontario. A few weeks went by, and we finally had time to take a drive there on a Sunday afternoon. We were amazed when we drove up to Charlie's house! There was a very large turbine turbine on an 80 foot tower in his backyard, which is right on the edge of the small village of Kintore!

We stopped at the side of the road to take a few pictures, and Charlie came out of his house to talk to us. We asked him if he minded if we took a few pictures, and he said to go ahead and take as many as we wanted. He was on his way out, but he told us to go ahead and go into his back yard and have a closer look if we wanted, so we took him up on his offer!

We made arrangements to go back to visit Charlie the next week when he had more time to spend with us.

Charlie is an exceptional man! He has many talents! We learned on our next visit that Charlie designed and built the entire 30 kilowatt turbine himself! That's right, a 30 kilowatt turbine! He also designed and built the entire tower by himself as well!

Charlie sourced many of the various parts for the turbine from a variety of places, and those parts that he couldn't locate, he fabricated himself. The 16 foot blades for the turbine came from a company in Denmark. Once he had all of the parts together, he assembled the entire turbine, affectionately known as the "Wind Mouse" at this house. He had a little help in the form of a crane and a crew of people from South Dakota to help install this monster!

The 80 foot tower for the turbine was built by Charlie from high pressure tanks that he got at a local scrap yard. It's a really neat design with an elevator, which Charlie designed and built himself, running part way up the inside of the tower to the first crow's nest and then up to the second crow's nest on the outside of the tower. From there you have to climb the rest of the way by ladder. Charlie says that he designed it with three crow's nests so that you could stop and rest at each one and have a beer! He says that by the time you get to the top and have had three beers, the height of the tower doesn't bother you any more!

Charlie's house with the turbine 80 feet in the air in his back yard.

Right, Charlie, a man of many talents!

Charlie explaining some details to Craig at the base of his tower, which he built himself!

The base of the tower houses the electronics to run the system.

Notice the open door showing the elevator at the bottom that Charlie built to make accessing the top of the tower a little easier!

A closer shot of the elevator.

Craig and Charlie at the first crow's nest on the tower.

The first part of the elevator is on the inside of the tower and the second section goes up the outside. Looks scary!

Charlie going up as Craig looks down as if to say "no way".

Almost there! Wow, that's a long way up!
Craig looking over the top down past the 16 foot blades.

Charlie hinged the nacelle of the turbine so that he could open it up to work on it.

Very nice!
A couple of views from the top. Great view!
Left, the high speed end of the turbine and right, the low speed end.
Charlie admiring his work at the top.
Here's a little something Charlie wrote down and gave to us when he came here to visit a few days after we visited him. Wise words from a very wise man!

"A wind turbine creates electricity from nature to heat our homes with out harming nature and life on earth. To watch it spinning and the hydro meter reversing is the most beautiful site on the planet. Let's make more wind power and not weapons of mass destruction!"

Sounds perfect to us Charlie!