Wind Chasers

February 2 / 2017



Craig and Connie
Someone suggested to us that we should include a story about us on the "Turbine Adventures" page. I guess we never thought about that! Most of our story is already on the "About Us" page so I won't go into great details here.


As promised, here are the pictures of the stop switch, prior to installation, that Craig installed on the new 12 footer.
Here's a couple of shots of me, Connie, standing beside the new tail. Good perspective. Shows just how big this tail is!
More tail shots showing both sides.
Look how big those blades are! Wow, I think we need a bigger test tower!

Craig trying to phone Mike # 1 to get him to give us a hand to put this thing up, but I guess he's getting tired of cranking! Guess what Mike, we have an electric winch now! No more cranking and cranking and cranking!

Craig making some final adjustments.
Our brand new electric winch. Worked like a charm!
There she is! Up and churning out lot's of power!


Look, it's actually furling on the very first day. We are very happy!



Normally, we put a strip of red LED lights along the tail so that we can see at night when we look out the window whether or not it is making power. This time, we decided to put blue lights on it instead of red. They are much brighter when they are lit up than the red one's were. This is a night shot of the lights. Pretty cool !
 Left, a picture of our first turbine. A brakedrum turbine.

 Right, Craig working on a blade for our first Axial Flux turbine

Craig modeling his lovely blades. Notice the beautiful salad bowl nose cone. Sexy!
Me working on the tail and Craig getting ready to put the turbine up.
Almost ready!
Putting on the blades.

Yep, it's going up there!

Ready to go!
Halfway there!

Mike and Craig took turns cranking the winch.

Almost there!

My job is to follow from the other end with the small winch to ease the tower into position.

There she is, up and ready to go!

This was Bailey, our supervisor dog. Sadly, Bailey is no longer with us. She is greatly missed!

A good shot of the tower and gin pole and our horse checking everything out!
A great little turbine!