Wind Chasers

February 2 / 2017




Dennis is one of the original turbine building gang! He has been hanging out here with everyone else for over two years now. Dennis works every other Saturday, so he doesn't get here as often as he would like, be he stops in every chance he gets for a visit.

Dennis has been the only one of our group of builders to build the smallest of the axial flux turbines, the two footer! After building the little machine, Dennis went on to build a larger machine which he now has running at his home. He uses the power it makes, along with a handful of small solar panels to power various items around his home. Dennis has brought a lot of really useful information and ideas to everyone here and we all appreciate his input!


The original turbine guys! Mike #1, Mike #2, Craig and Dennis.

Dennis showing off the two foot blades he made for his first turbine.

The solar array at Dennis' house. A variety of panels including panels he put together that originally came from Volkswagons!

Dennis' turbine above his garage.

More shots of the turbine and solar array in the back yard.
Dennis' tiny system in his garage.

Some of the things that run off from the homebrewed power!

Showing the back of the solar array.