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Aug 22/2011

VIDEO - Tillsonburg News - Ontario, CA
We did it! We finally have our building permit to start working on our earthship! As of September, the building inspectors of Norfolk county put their seal of approval on our plans and we will be leveling ground on our farm soon.

Watch for our new "Earthship" page, coming soon that will be an ongoing chronicle of our adventure!

Here are a couple of pictures of the view that we will have from our new earthship. Very nice!

Earlier this year, we purchased a 98 acre farm near Lake Erie where the Lake Erie Shores Wind farm is being built. We have been looking for a perfect spot for a couple of years now to build an earth ship, and this farm is perfect! The big turbines are right next door to our farm so we know that it will be a perfect spot for us to put our turbines.

An earth ship is a house that is buried on at least three sides and sometimes the roof is also covered. The south side is left exposed and is mostly glass to take advantage of the heating power of the sun. The sun heats the floor of the house which is usually a thick mass of concrete with some type of stone tile laid over top. The heat sinks right down into the ground underneath the house and radiates the warmth back up through the floor. Since the ground is at a constant temperature, about 56 degrees F, the house, no matter what the temperature outside, will never get any colder than 56 degrees. The mass of the floor and the soil under it will radiate the heat for days! Also, in the summer, the house is kept cool through the same method. The glass in the front of the house is angled so as to allow for the sun to reach all the way into the back of the house in the winter when the sun is low, but to only come in a few inches in the summer when it is higher in the sky. Pretty smart!

We went to visit Tom Wolf this summer to see his almost completed earth ship and to pick his brain for ideas for our own!

This is a view from the inside looking out the south facing windows at the front of the house. Tom has used trees for his upright support beams in his house.
The house is powered by a small wind turbine and an array of solar panels. Tom and his family are totally off the grid. Way to go!
This is Tom's Smart Car with some weird woman standing beside it! Hey that's me! How did that get in there!

Behind me, you can see the east side of the house. Right is one of the interior rooms that is still being worked on.

Here's an interior shot from the  west end of the house looking east. Tom and his family are living here while they are working on the house so it's pretty full.

Right is a shot of one of the sky lights in the house. This house had lot's of light in it!


These are a few pictures of the front exterior of the house.
More front shots facing to the west.
A shot from the east.

This is going to be very nice when it is finished!