Energy Conservation

Making Sense of What You See

Another good thing that everyone should learn how to do is interpret their electricity bill. For most people, their hydro bill looks very confusing and the fact that they keep changing the way they present the bill, doesn’t help either!

Depending on where you live, your hydro bill may look different than someone else’s bill. Basically, what you want to see is how many killowatts you are using per month. Somewhere on your bill, there will be a line that will give you that information. If you can’t decipher your bill, call your utilities provider and ask them to help you to understand your bill. They are usually more than willing to help you with this.

Once you understand how many killowats you are using every month, then you can try to reduce that number every month. It sounds strange, but we actually began to look forward to receiving our hydro bill every month to see just how much we had saved that month!

The Benefits of all of Your Hard Work!

The benefits are multiple. First of all, you will be saving money on your electricity bill. How much you save is really up to you, depending on how far you want to take this. Secondly, you will be setting a good example to your family as well as other people in your life. When you see the results of your efforts, you will talk to others about what you have done and they will begin to think about how they could put these energy saving practices into use in their homes as well. And last but as far as we are concerned, most importantly, you will be doing your part to leave a smaller imprint on the planet.