Wind Chasers

February 2 / 2017




Marty has been a part of our wind turbine building group for a couple of years now and had just recently put up his turbine. Marty did a lot of the work on his own at home since he couldn't get here as often as he would have liked to. He came and did a  lot of observing and soaked up a ton of information from others building turbines here.

Last weekend we took a drive to Marty's house to have a look at his turbine. It looks great! Good job Marty! It's great to see another Hugh Piggott turbine up in the area!

Marty checking out Clayton's magnet discs.
Marty chose to weld on a solid metal bar for his tail hinge instead of using a hollow metal pipe. Should last forever!

Showing off his stator mounting plate and tail hinge, all finished a ready for a paint job!

Marty showing off his stator all ready to be assembled!


Marty's turbine up and running at his house with the Red Baron, aka. Snoopy, flying behind!
Very Cool!
Great tail ! Just goes to show, tail design can be almost anything that you can think of. Very eye catching!