Wind Chasers

February 2 / 2017



Moving right along!                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

This is what our house looked like as of the end of November, 2009 after we put it to bed for the winter. We didn't get quite as far as we had planned last year, but we learned a ton along the way. It's good to take your time!

We finished the front wall completely and we have five of the nine rows of tire completed. It's a good start!

This year, we will be spending a lot more time on the house, since we are scaling back the turbine building get - togethers. We also bought a used motor home late last year so that we don't spend as much time traveling to and from the site. We can just pack up the dogs and all of our stuff and go!


Here are a couple pictures of the front wall of the house from the inside looking west and one of the west side of the house from the outside.


Again, a couple of pictures of the west side of the house and an awesome view looking west in front of the house of the turbine on our property and one on the neighboring property. Beauty!
Angus and Abby hanging out by the fence/door at the west end of the house. They love this house! It is 81' long, so it's a great runway for them! Morgan and I watching everyone gathering tires. Sorry, can't help. Gotta hold the dog!
More tire gathering, sorting, measuring etc. We are trying to put he tires in rows according to size so that we don't have to look through piles and piles of tires trying to find a particular size. Sometimes, we need a smaller tire or a larger tire to fit in a spot and this will make it easier to find what we need.
Thanks Pippa, Bob and Ben for all your help. It's a dirty job!
Craig and Gus hanging out in the house checking out a good book!