Wind Chasers

February 2 / 2017



This past May, Wind Chasers lost a good friend and fellow turbine builder, Ray Patterson. Ray first came for a visit to ask us a few questions about our wind turbine about three years ago. Since that time, he had become a good friend. After taking time off to have heart surgery, Ray came back last year and began building his turbine.

Ray fit in immediately in our little group. He loved to tell stories to everyone and anyone who came by, and the stories got better every time you heard them! He never hesitated to drop what he was doing to lend a hand to someone else who needed help. A lot of Saturdays, Ray was so busy helping other people with their turbines, that he didn't get a chance to work on his own project.

Although Ray didn't get to complete his "turbine adventure" he certainly added a lot to everyone else's adventure while he was here!

Ray, we miss your sense of humor and your stories. You will not be forgotten!

The following pictures are a collection of Ray at our shop. We wish there were more!


This is probably the first picture that we took of Ray. He is winding the coils for his turbine, while Clayton and Marty work in the background.
Still working on his coils. He looks very intense!
Ray giving a hand to Clayton while he cuts his stator out of the mould.
Ray working on one of his blades.
Ray in the background observing all the activity going on in the shop.
Ray helping Pippa to install the bridge rectifiers on the back of her turbine. A very tricky proceedure!
Ray and Pippa pose for a picture after a successful installation! Too bad there's such a glare from the window in behind them!
Ray in the background looking over the instruction manual for his turbine.
Ray looking on as Craig explains blade making to a visitor.
Craig and Ray working on some of the metal parts for Ray's turbine.
Craig and Ray working on more turbine parts.
Clayton listening as Ray tells on of his famous stories!
Ray chiseling his magnet discs out of the mould.
Ray, Pippa and Craig working on some metal parts for Pippa's turbine.
Ray, Matt and a visitor listen while Craig explains the inner working of a charge controller.
More explanation on the charge controller.