Wind Chasers

February 2 / 2017



Stator Construction

This page is where it all began, the construction that is. It shows everything from winding the coils to the finished stator ready for testing and everything in between!


Here's Craig helping Mike wind the coils for his stator.
Mike concentrating hard at counting the wraps for his coils.
A finished coil ready to go. Looks good!
Mike at our dinning room table soldering the wires together for his stator. Hey Mike, are you sure that thing is plugged in?
Finished coils all soldered together and ready for the mould. Excellent!
Craig and Mike built their stators together at the same time. Mike's is 12 volt and Craig's is 24 volt.
This is Mike's stator beside the mould ready to go
The stator mould lined with fiberglass matting waiting for the epoxy and stator to be laid in.
The stator laid in the mould and filled with epoxy. Note the bead of silicone laid around the perimeter of the mould to keep the epoxy from running out of the mould too far once the lid is screwed down on top of it. Very important
Craig screwing the lid down over the mould.
24 hours later, Mike's finished stator just out of the mould. Looks great, Mike will be impressed!
Mike admiring his creation! It's a thing of beauty!
Mike # 2 winding his coils.


Mike # 1 helping Mike #2 with his coils. Mike #1 is an old (sorry Mike) pro at this by now!
Mike # 2 scraping and testing his coils for continuity. He looks pretty happy. They must be O.K
Mike # 2 built a new gismo for winding the coils. He put a cam on it and mounted a counter to help keep track of the number of windings. Great idea! When you have to count 150 wraps for a 24 volt coil, it can get pretty confusing after a while!
The magnets set in place in the magnet jig.
Magnets after the jig has been removed, ready to go into the magnet mould.
Craig and Mike's magnets in and out of the moulds.
Mike helping Dave start to make the coils for his stator.
It gets easier after you make a few. The counter on the winder really helps! Thanks Mike #2 for that wonderful innovation!
Craig demonstrates coil winding to the new recruits!
Pretty technical stuff!
Glenn gives it a try. Not so bad eh?