Wind Chasers

February 2 / 2017



Metal works


Here are a lot of pictures of the metal parts being cut, fitted and welded together.


This is the alternator bracket with the stator end bracket beside. The circle in the middle of the alternator bracket will be cut out in order to mount the hub.
The yaw bearing pipe with the yaw bearing cap and the stator top and lower brackets.
Tail hinge inner pipe and tail hinge outer pipe and cap.
This displays all of the metal components including the tail boom.
Mike # 1 grinding some of the metal parts .
Craig cutting up metal pieces.
Mike # 1 scrubbing his alternator mount getting ready for a paint job.
Craig cutting the wedge shaped piece that fits between the yaw pipe and the tail hinge inner pipe. Nice creative angle on that picture Mike!
Cutting the same wedge shaped piece.
Wedge piece after being welded to the tail hinge pipe.
Simon investigating the tail hinge pipe after being attached to the yaw pipe. A very helpful cat!
This is the Cavalier hub used to mount the alternator. Front and back view.
Tail hinge outer pipe shown before and after welding on the cap.
Showing how the outer hinge pipe fits onto the tail boom
Mike doing the Vanna White thing showing how the tail gets attached to the tail assembly. 

Notice the lovely winter theme! Now that's talent!

Back view of the tail assembly. Nice job Mike!
Mike showing how the furling action of the tail. He finally figured out how it works!