Wind Chasers

February 2 / 2017

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 The Turbine Gang

We have a dedicated bunch who get together almost every week at our house to work on their axial flux turbines designed by Hugh Piggott. The atmosphere is fun and very enthusiastic! Everyone helps everyone else. Some are farther along than others, so they help to guide the newcomers. At this point, there are several turbines on the go in various stages of completion. Some are very close to being finished. It's pretty exciting!


The Turbine Gang

Or at least part of the gang! It's pretty hard to get everyone here at the same time to get a picture!

From left, the two Mikes, Craig and Dennis.

This page started out as one, but we were adding so many new pictures every week, that we decided to split them up into different pages about construction. Click on any of the construction buttons above to view whatever part of the construction that you are interested in seeing.

Here's our first 8 footer on the test tower almost ready to go up. It was actually spinning in this picture! Pretty exciting!

Craig smiling for Mike as he stands beside his stator on our little test tower by our house. Good Shot Mike!
Here's me (Connie) trying to put the finishing touches on the tail before the new turbine goes up. Nice shot Craig!
The tail showing our web site. I hope people will be able to read it when it's seventy feet in the air!
Our nephew Levi and his buddy Ken came to check things out and got recruited to help test Mike # 1's turbine.
Mike looks happy. His 12 volt turbine bench tested to 22 volts! Good job Mike! You done good!
Finally, the big day! Craig's turbine gets' a spin to test the voltage.
The big thumbs up! Everything looks good. Craig's 24 volt turbine bench tested to 42 volts. Excellent!

(By the way, nice shorts Mike #2!)


The gang working on various turbine related stuff. Notice the blades for the turbines hanging from the garage rafters.
Lot's of work and solving of world problems going on here!
Dave's little girl who apparently likes to paint her hair when she's not supervising the turbine progress.
Mike # 1's magnet disks all painted up and ready to go. Note the nice neat work area!