Wind Chasers

February 2 / 2017



This page has been set up to share some really great e-mails that we receive here at Windchasers.

This one is from Gaetan. He was one of the first people who contacted us after we set up this web site, and we have kept in touch from time to time since then. Gaetan was one of the few people that we have ever heard from that actually managed to build a brake drum wind turbine like the first one that we built. We know from experience that you have to have a tremendous  amount of patience and determination to complete one of those beasts!

It was great to hear from Gaetan again and to see his completed axial flux machine!


Hi, I am sorry I haven’t written in ages but life is just busy (as it is with everyone else)  We (Frank and I) finished the 10 ft axial machines in December 2007 and mine has been flying flawlessly ever since. Last summer I put up the 111 ft. pipe tower and have been reaping the rewards since then.  I am sending you some pictures of our adventure. My machine has the red flames on the tail. The tilt-up pipe tower is laying down just before I put up the machine on it. Enjoy.


I was also wondering if you will be selling the imperial version of Hugh’s recipe book. I you do please let me know when it is available. I would like a copy.

Take care of yourselves. I hope that your many projects continue to be as exciting to you as mine are to me. Love the wind, Cheers, Gaétan