Wind Chasers

February 2 / 2017

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In December, 2009, we added a new member to our Wind Chaser family! Morgan is a wonderful little girl who we hope will have some beautiful babies for us someday. The picture on the left is in our backyard with our little turbine and the other one is on our farm in front of the BIG GUY!
This is big sister Abby with little Morgan in the yard. Morgan enjoying a lovely winter's morning!
On December 20th, 2009, we brought Morgan home to add to our "pack". Yes, Morgan is Malamute # 3 ! And, yes, we have gone crazy! Not really. Morgan is a great little lady and Abby and Angus thinks she's a great play toy! We are hoping that little Morgan will grow up and have some lovely little babies for us!


On July 31st 2007, we brought home two new Alaskan Malamute puppies. Angus and Abby. They are are welcome addition to our family. Hopefully, they won't drive us nuts before they grow up!
Here's a couple of pictures of our new guard dogs doing their job! Nice to see them hard at work!