Wind Chasers

February 2 / 2017



Yes, here we are, standing around, drinking coffee, on a beautiful Saturday afternoon! We do get some work done somewhere along the way!

Craig, Tim and Clayton checking out the furling action on Tim's turbine. Looks good!

Wow, very cool!

Tim, hard at work grinding his tail pipe.

Rob and Joanne stop for a picture.

Here, they are preparing the magnet disc's to be poured. Everything looks great!

Craig showing off a magnet disc.

And again, standing around, drinking coffee by the winch! He sure can drink a lot of coffee!

Alan making some measurements on his blades before he continues sanding. Good idea!

Alan is part of a group of people who share a farm near Toronto. Alan is building this turbine to help to power the home on the farm. Check our links page to find out more about the farm. Very interesting ideas!

Craig working on the blades for our new twelve foot turbine. We are hoping to have it up very soon!

Alan still working on his blades!

Clayton taking his metal parts for a walk.

Craig and Alan hanging Alan's blades to check for balance.

Clayton lines up the metal while Craig drills the holes.

Look at the size of those blades! Those should generate some power!

Craig drills the holes to mount Clayton's stator.

Clayton and Craig still drilling!

Blades, blades and more blades! I think we need a bigger shop!
Marty and Clayton.

Rays starts winding the coils for his machine.

Tail mounting bracket.

Marty and Clayton pondering their next step.

Clayton cutting the stator out of the mould.

Marty showing off his handiwork. Nice job!

Marty showing off his brand new stator!
Clayton and Craig assembling Clayton's machine as Marty looks on.

Mike helps Terry cut out the moulds for his magnet discs.

Big blades!

Clayton getting the lowdown on stator assembly from Craig.

Ray working on his blades and Alan working on his as well.
Clayton chiseling the remnants of the plywood disc out of the middle of his magnet disc.
Ray giving a hand while Clayton cuts.