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February 2 / 2017

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They're Here!
Hugh Piggott's 2009 wind turbine plans, imperial edition.
 We now have available Hugh Piggott's latest axial flux turbine plans. The new 2009 edition "Wind Turbine Recipe book" is a 63 page manual with step by step instructions on building an axial flux alternator, including blade carving and metal works. Included are plans to build a 2', 3', 4', 5', 6', and a 7' version. There is truly a turbine size for everyone! All measurements in the new plans are in imperial units..

The plans are available for $26.00 each Canadian and $3.00 shipping to anywhere in Canada. We will accept a personal cheque or a money order ,credit cards  and Pay Pal.



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These are the metal discs used for mounting the magnets in Hugh's plans. they have been laser cut and have the holes already laser cut for the hub and bolts. The disks are 14"outside diameter, 5/16" thick and are  $40.00 each Canadian plus shipping.


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Turbine Shutdown

             Model DD-TS01


Automatic Wind Turbine Shutdown Unit

Quantum Vortex Ltd is an innovator in the field of alternative energy

solutions and strives to supply its customers with quality products to

supplement and improve their green power systems.


This shutdown unit is for 24volt turbines only (48volt is coming)

Manual pics

$200.00 Plus Shipping