Wind Chasers

February 2 / 2017

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This page has been set up to give people an idea of what kinds of things are happening here on our Saturday drop-in workshops. It's a very casual atmosphere. We have a little different group here every week. Not everyone comes every week, but we usually have at least five or six here and sometimes more! We also have casual drop-in visitors who have phoned ahead to come and check out our operation.

We have moved into the upstairs of our barn which has been turned into a pretty nice shop. Now we can more easily accommodate our growing numbers of turbine builders!

The pictures on this page will be updated frequently, so check it out often!


Eric, opening his stator mould. Must be good judging from the big grin on his face!

Eric has been coming here for a few months now to work on his turbine. He makes the five hour trip down every weekend! Now that's dedication!

Henry laying out the moulds for the magnet discs with a little input from Glenn while Clayton works on his coils in the background.
Eric and Clayton watching Glenn and Henry working on the magnet disc mould. Look closely. You guys will be doing this step soon!
January 20th. We had to take the tower down to thaw out our turbine after an ice storm went through on January 13th.
The ice was about 1/2 " thick covering the blades and and stator. It was stuck solid!
We used a mixture of windshield washer fluid and hot water to thaw out the stator to free it up and just straight hot water to get the ice off the blades.
The tower was also covered with ice, so we used hot water to melt some of the ice from it as well so that it would not be as heavy when we put it back up.

About three hours later, and a lot of hot water on the ground, and it was back up and running as good as new! Hopefully, that will be the last of the ice for this winter!


Pippa drilling the the mounting holes in her stator. Good job Pippa!
Eric and Craig posing for the camera under a set of blades in the workshop. Alex came all the way down from near Algonquin Park which is an extremely long drive! Luckily, he has people to stay with part way so that he can make it into a two day trip! This is his second trip to visit us. He must be very motivated!



Terry sanding the mould for his stator.

Craig showing off his new blades for the ten footer.

Mike # 2 checking out Mike # 1's blades for his second turbine.

Craig and Mike # 2 telling Mike # 1 that his blades are #@$?%! 'ed! Just kidding!

Craig Trying to fix Mike's blades!

Craig, Todd and Terry intently listening to Mike # 2 explaining the  meaning of life?

Mike # 2 winding his new coils for his next project, the twelve footer!

The finished Product!

Glenn with his almost finished blades. Excellent job!

Terry and Craig drawing out the lines for the stator mould.

July 8, we had a few representatives from the Toronto Renewable Energy Group come for a visit. They drove down in a Toyota Prius, a hybrid car. Very cool car!
Here's the group standing by the Prius just before leaving to take a drive to Lake Erie to check out the big Turbines.

Erik presented us with a nice bottle of wine as a thank you for letting them visit. 

Erik explaining the details of the motors in his car as everyone looks on.
Craig answering questions from the group.
Checking out the new blades for our five footer. Pretty impressive!

Craig explains how the tower works to Erik and Lysle.

 Lysle was here from Nova Scotia visiting his sister in Hamilton, so he came for a visit as well.

Checking out the gin pole.
Robert and David examining the base of the tower.

Todd still working on his blades!

Dave's dad came with him on Saturday to lend a hand and supervise Dave so he didn't get out of hand!
Ben's giant turbine, affectionately known as "Turbinezilla". It's a 48 volt monster! 
It cut in at 100 rpm, turning it by hand.
Giving it a test. It cranked up by hand to 125 volts. The picture shows 109 volts. (Mike wasn't fast enough with the camera to catch it showing 125 volts)
Ben lighting up two 50 watt lights with Turbinezilla!

Todd showing off his blades.

Todd showing off his blades again. OK, we get it, they're really nice!

Wow, check out all the blades!

The shop is starting to look like a blade factory! Very cool!
Dave, Craig and Terry trying to fix the worlds problems. A rather huge undertaking!

Craig helping Pippa get started on her first blade.

Mike # 2 doing some welding on his metal parts.
Todd, one of our newest turbine gang members, winding his coils.

An aerial view of Glenn working on one of his blades.

Henry, are you showing off your blade or your bike? Both are very nice, by the way!

Paul, our newest turbine guy working on his coils.

Todd showing off his blades. I think the Buck, our, horse wants to check them out too! Or maybe he just wants to see how they taste!