Wind Chasers

February 2 / 2017



The Big One's

These are some pictures of the giant turbines that are going in along the Lake Erie shoreline not far from where we live. It's pretty exciting to have these baby's almost right in your back yard! We have been driving down every couple of weeks to check on the progress.


Craig checking out the hole for the base of the tower.

The first layer of cement is in the bottom. This was in the summer of 2005.

Checking out the wind speed at the site.
Giant pieces of re-bar ready to be put into the base. You can see them sticking out of the side of the base.
The base with the big bolts sticking out the top waiting for the tower.
This was a couple of weeks later with the base covered with dirt and another base at the side of the tower base for a transformer to sit on.
Some strange woman standing on the tower base to show the size.

Closer picture of the huge bolts that will eventually hold the tower down. This was in the fall of 2005.

These are the three pieces for the tower, ready to go.

The blades!

That is Mike #1 standing beside the blades. Pretty big eh? The blades, not Mike!
A view down the length of the blades. Notice the curve.

Inside of the tower pieces.

Mike standing beside one of the blades. Mike is about six feet tall. Kinda makes you feel small, doesn't it?
The nasel. About the size of a small motor home.
Inside the bottom of the tower and the piece that the blades get connected to.
Another view inside the tower.
The blades connected and ready to be raised!
The finished product! Unfortunately, they did all of the work of putting these giants together through the week while we were at work, so we don't have any pictures of the actual raising, but we are impressed anyway!
As of May, 2006, all of the 66 turbines are up and spinning away making wonderful, clean, renewable energy! Canada is proud!