Wind Chasers

February 2 / 2017



Tim and Pam

We met Tim last summer, 2006,  Tim and his wife Pam, were building a castle just a stone's throw from our farm. Yes, I said a castle, literally! There will be more pictures of the castle later. Very interesting!

When we met them, Tim and Pam were in the midst of finishing the castle and were looking for a better way to power their home than using a generator all of the time. Very expensive and bad for the environment as well! Unfortunately, they had already purchased a turbine from someone. I will not mention the brand name, but it is not one of the good one's! We told Tim that when that turbine breaks, that he can come and build a good one at our place!


Finally got Tim and Pam here to build a GOOD turbine after their first one bit the dust! We knew it was only a matter of time!


Pam and Tim starting work on their new turbine. Pam looks frozen!


Craig explaining the furling action of the tail boom to Tim and Clayton. This seems to be something that people can't wrap their heads around till they see it in action. Very cool !
Tim working hard grinding his tail parts.  
Here's some pictures of a bunch of us helping Tim get his first turbine up and running, prior to him building a REAL turbine!
Pictures of the crane picking up the tower which was already assembled and laying in the field behind Tim's house.


The crane made fast work of raising the 100 foot tower. Getting it place was a little trickier!


Everyone helped to steady the tower as it goes up so that it didn't sway too much.


And there it is! The future supplier of all Tim's power! Yeah, right!


The guys getting the wires connected. Craig looks happy. Tim doesn't look so sure that this is going as planned!


Tim, his brother and his father look on as Craig hooks up the wires for the turbine. This was a true family project! Even Tim's grandparents showed up later to check out the proceedings.


Attaching the blades to the turbine.


Craig explaining some details to Tim just before the tower lifting begins.


Various pictures of the turbine going up.


Getting there, but then, a small problem with positioning occurred and the tower had to be lowered again. Close up of the hub of the turbine.


And there she goes back up again after some adjusting.
Up, up and up she goe's!
Shot from out in the field showing the fully extended crane.


It took a lot of wiggling at the end to get the tower positioned securely onto the base, but finally, everything was set.


Tightening the guy wires .

Tim on the tower releasing the hook for the crane. Good thing Tim had his very own harness!

Tim coming down after releasing the hook.


And there she is! Ready to make power! Now we just need some wind!