Turbine Construction


We will not be having any of our one day workshops at Wind Chasers for the next couple of years. We are scaling back here for the next two years so that we can spend more time working on our house. We are retiring in less than two years and we need to have the house ready to live in by that time. Our hope is that when the house is finished and we are retired, that we can have workshops more often. There is a lot of interest and it’s growing all the time!


November 1

We had another great workshop here at Wind Chasers on Saturday, November 1! The weather was perfect and everyone had a good time. There were lots of laughs and a lot of good information was shared.

The following is a collection of pictures from the workshop showing all of the great activity that was going on during the afternoon blade carving session. All of the blades turned out really well and everyone was very pleased!


May 3, 2008

On Saturday, we had another very successful workshop here at Wind Chasers. Eight intrepid future turbine builders braved the rotten, rainy day to learn a thing or two about turbines. Despite the pouring rain, a good time was had by all and much information was shared. Ideas and theories were discussed and world problems were solved! Not really, but we tried!


May 5, 2007

We had another great, one day, workshop here on May 5th. Eight people attended and a good time was had by all ! Most of the people were from Southern Ontario, but there were two gentlemen here who came from near Rochester NY. These two men were quite interested in our electric car since they have both built electric cars of their own back home! Craig had a great time showing it off to everyone!

The workshop started at around 9:00 am. and finished around 5:00 pm. Lots of good information and ideas were shared. There was a lot of hands on learning with the coils and blades. All in all, it was a wonderful day! Good people, great lunch and lots of laughs!


November 4

On November 4th, we held our first ever one day workshop. We hosted a group of four people from the Caledon area. We were really pleased with the workshop and everyone seemed to have a good time! There was a lot of information squeezed into a few hours!