Wind Chasers

February 2 / 2017



Turbine Raising

After months of work, the big day finally arrived to raise the new turbine. It was a perfect day! The turbine had been tested on our test tower and was running perfectly. We had done some of the preparation work the night before, so everything was ready to go bright and early the next day August 6,2005. 
Craig trimming some of the wires before the final connections are made.
More trimming and a close up view of the finished turbine mounted on the tower.
The tail in place showing our web site painted on the one side. The red dot started out being a maple leaf, but turned into a dot in the end when it didn't turn out the way we thought it should.
Craig carrying the blades for the final assembly.
Mounting the blades in place.
What the heck are we looking at? More of Mike's wonderful photography!
Note the lovely nose cone! Our signature stainless steel salad bowl! Breathtaking!
Going up! Part of our solar array is just in the bottom of the picture in the background. 

Nice striping on the other side of the tail!

Half way there!
Mike actually helping to crank the winch while Craig takes a break!
Almost there!
Yes, even I have to help crank, but I get the easy side!

We have a winch on each end to help ease the turbine down for the last fifteen or twenty feet till it rests in place. This was an excellent idea!

Part of Craig ( nice shot Mike ) standing at the end of the gin pole as it is lowered from the other end.
It's up!
There she flies! And right on queue, the wind stared to blow just enough to make it turn for a little while.
Bailey, the supervisor dog making sure everything was going as it should. Mike had to wake her up from under the tree to get her approval that everything was o.k.!

(Sadly, we lost Bailey on July 5th, 2006, after 12 wonderful years! She is sorely missed!)

Showing the bottom of the tower and the gin pole anchored down oh and our horse who finally got to come into the field to get something to eat.
A full view of the tower seventy feet in the air with the new turbine. It has been a good day!

Time to start the next turbine!