Wind Chasers

February 2 / 2017



UWO Project

Late in the summer of 2006, we were contacted by one of the professors from the University of Western Ontario. He had heard of our little operation here and was quite interested in what we were doing here, helping people build wind turbines. He thought that it might make a really good project for the class of future shop teachers that he was teaching at the university. He said that he had been looking for a project that could involve many departments at the university. We discussed the project with him at length and we agreed to help.

A few weeks later, about twenty five future shop students arrived here to have a look at what we were doing. Craig walked them through the basics of turbine building giving them a brief idea of what they would be doing. For the next few weeks, the students came here on Saturdays, along with our regular gang of turbine fanatics, and Craig helped them to get going on their project. Since the media department at the university was also involved in this project, there was a lot of filming going on while they were here so that they could have a record of the project during every step.

After a few weeks, they were far enough along and had a good enough understanding of how to complete the turbine, that they finished the rest in their shops at the university. We figured that it was just getting too cold for them in our shop, so they decided to go somewhere where there was heat! It was getting close to December, so that's understandable!

In February, 2007, Craig and Mike #1 went to visit the future teachers at their workshop where they were almost finished with the turbine. Everyone was glad to see them and were very excited about the project being close to completion. They said that when it was finished, they were going to place it in the hallway outside of the Dean's office so everyone would see it.

All in all, everything went very well and everyone learned a lot. The professor said that it turned out to be the perfect project since it involved almost all of the shop classes, from welding to electrical, woodworking and metal works and even the media department!

It was great to be a part of this project and hopefully, everyone who was involved, will be spreading the word about renewable energy!


The teaching students checking out the tower design and taking notes as Craig explains how we came up with the design.
More questions and answers at the tower.
Craig showing off our newest toy. Yes, it's an electric car! ( For more on the car, check out the "news" section on this site.)
Explaining how the car works.
Even the visiting kids were interested in the car!
Right, Craig showing the furling action of the tail for the turbine.
Students listen as Craig explains more  about the inner workings of the turbine.  






Here's the turbine on it's stand in the shop that the students were using. Looks great!