Wind Chasers

February 2 / 2017



Valley Heights Turbine Project


Several months ago, Larry Weibe, a shop teacher at Valley Heights Secondary School, contacted us about building a wind turbine. He told us that he was going to be building a straw bale house over the next couple of years and that he wanted to be off the grid in his new home. He decided that he wanted to build two turbines and that one of them would be a perfect project for his grade twelve shop class.

Last September, the class began working on the project and on January 10, 2008, they took the turbine on a road test! We were very lucky to be able to visit the school and to be involved in this turbine testing venture!

Here are some pictures of the turbine mounted in the trailer in behind Larry's truck prior to take off. The turbine was actually spinning in these pictures.
The students are receiving some last minute instructions from Larry as to how this test is to work as well as some safety instructions since they will be riding in the back of his truck!
One of the students lends a hand as Larry ties the tail into a furled position for the trip to the test road.
Unneeded items are removed for safety.

Craig gets instructions from Larry about where we are going for the test.

Driving to the test road. So far, so good!
Untying the tail for the road test.
Unfortunately, we were not able to get any pictures while the test was going on because we were busy driving and video taping, but we will be adding the video of this test as soon as we can.


Here we are, back at the school, after a very successful road test.


Everyone helps as the turbine is unloaded and taken back into the shop.
More pictures of the turbine being taken back to the shop.
Standing the turbine back up in the shop.
Back home!
Notice the triangular piece of plywood hanging over the turbine. That is a scale that they made to weigh the blades when they were making them. Larry said that it worked great!