This site has been constructed to give people information about home-built wind turbines, energy conservation and more. The turbine we are currently running is a twelve foot diameter, home-built axial flux turbine designed by Hugh Piggott. This turbine was put up after running the ten foot axial flux for a year, and has been a fabulous turbine! It creates way more power than we need. We use the extra power to heat our domestic hot water.

Since installing our first turbine in January, 2004, we have been very busy. Our home has become somewhat of a landmark in the area. We have had people from all over southern Ontario coming by to see the turbine. Most of these people have been very interested in building a turbine of their own. This made us think that we should have people come to the house to build turbines in a workshop setting with other people. This idea was very well received by everyone since most were somewhat leery about doing this on their own without any help.

Since we first opened our home to helping people build their own wind turbines in 2005, we have assisted in the building of approximately forty turbines. Not all of them are up and running yet, but hopefully they will be soon! New people are coming here every month to start on their adventure in the crazy, and very addictive, art of wind turbine building.

The following pages have lots of information about turbine construction, designing a home power system to suit your needs and lots of things you can do to dramatically reduce your energy consumption in your home without having to go to extreme measures or spending huge amounts of money.