About Us

The Beginning

Who would have thought that a simple conversation on our front porch over a cup of coffee would have lead to all of this.

That’s how it all began. A simple observation about how there always seemed to be a strong breeze blowing by our house and a suggestion that we should put up a wind turbine. That was in 1997.

That simple conversation lead to more conversations and that lead to the start of our turbine building adventure.

It started slow. We began to notice anything related to wind turbines and energy saving in general. Internet information was gathered and absorbed. Hugh Piggott’s website was found and became a favorite source of information.

After about a year of talking about turbines, energy savings and the environment, we began to take this more seriously. This was something that we could really do! We had already looked into the cost of putting up a manufactured turbine and we knew that we could never afford to go that way, so we returned, once again, to Hugh Piggott’s website and started looking seriously at his homebuilt turbine design.